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“I became clearer in the requirements I desire in a man.  Now, I’m happily married and we’re expecting our first child!”  
Maureen C., San Rafael, CA

“Wendy listens to me, she’s present with me.  I feel so inspired and loved.  I feel she truly cares about me, and the suggestions she provides are really practical and helpful.  In a short time, Wendy completely turned me around from doubtful to hopeful.  She is amazing!   Wendy is the only one I know who really helps people make their dreams come true!”   
Karen R., Mill Valley, CA

"Wendy's course was very useful in my process of finding the love of my life.  We have been very happily married over 2 years now, and it just keeps getting better!  We are overjoyed to have found each other.  The course certainly made a major contribution to my readiness and clarity, and greatly increased the efficiency of my dating.  I'm glad to have taken the class, and made some friends among the other attendees, in addition to the ways that it forwarded my search.  I tell my single friends who ask (and many do, after seeing how good a relationship we have) about it."  
Donn D., Novato, CA

“Dr Wendy is both pragmatic and visionary. She takes you where you are at and brings you where you want to be: with yourself and in partnership. I found the love of my life while working with her as my relationship coach. She coached me in writing and visioning all of the qualities and values that I wanted to BE and that I wanted to CHOOSE in a partner. And he came! She is both flexible and accountable, professional, warm, shares her experience, strength, and hope and supports yours. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to both be and find the love of their life.”  
Linda M, Mill Valley, CA 

“Wendy has helped me balance my life, and focus on what matters to me.  I’m happier and more confident, and everyone is noticing the difference in me.”  
Leslie L., Foster City, CA

“After working with you, I finally met the man I have yearned and prayed for.  He is such a blessing.  We moved in together last month...He meets the requirements I listed; he shares my values; he respects and appreciates me.  I enjoy him so much and find him to be beyond anything I could have imagined.       I thank you for your contribution to this wonderful miracle.  I am sooooo happy!  It goes to show that it's never too late (I just turned 66!!)”  
Esther W. Portland, OR

"Working with Wendy has been a pleasurable experience, as well as life-changing in positive ways.  Her extensive knowledge, coupled with her positive and professional attitude, have made continued progress seem effortless -- and fun.  She's helped me to clarify my thinking and has guided me successfully through a number of difficult transitions.  I consider it well worth the time and money -- an excellent investment." 
David D., Tiburon, CA

"By the time I began working with Wendy, I had been divorced for 8 years and had been in 2 dysfunctional and unfulfilling relationships. I had a vague idea of what I desired in a healthy, intimate relationship, but none of the real specifics of what that felt or looked like. By the time I completed Wendy's class, I had a much more detailed and joyful idea about how I was going to attract the relationship of my dreams. Specifically, I learned more about my personal traits and desires, i.e. who I am, what worked and did not work in past relationships, and what my needs and desires are for a real life partnership. Through vision boards, readings, discussions, writing exercises and more, Wendy skillfully and joyfully guided our group closer to realizing true love. I met the man of my dreams and he fits my visions like a glove! I shared my vision statement out loud with him soon after we met and we were in awe (and continue to be) at how accurately he fits my dream and needs.  We are now very happily married! This stuff really works! Thank You, Wendy." 
Mary C., Mill Valley, CA

"After the loss of my marriage, I had to move on with my life.  I took your class and learned about relationships in many ways. What I learned from my past helped me with relationships, and I decided to start with a foundation of friendship first.  I realized that the next partner in my life would need to accept me for who I am, and not for what I have.  Now I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman who respects me for who I am and not for what I have or don't have.  We see each other as often as we can, and I believe this relationship will last a lifetime!"  
Troy W., Novato, CA

“Wendy really helped me to identify my relationship needs and wants, and the blocks I had to finding the right partner… I got clearer on my relationship requirements, uncovered limiting beliefs, and made a plan for meeting my partner.

"I recently married an emotionally available man and we share something I never had before - real mature love. This is an excellent way to get clearer on the type of relationship you want and to create a plan to achieve it." 
Christine P., Pleasanton, CA

"My time with Wendy is invaluable in that she helps me identify solutions in me."
Chante F.,  Sunnyvale, CA

"After taking this course with Wendy, I became much clearer about what I require in a relationship and about how to find a life partner. The class and coaching helped me to see that having a plan is a worthwhile goal.  Now I am enjoying being with someone who is a great match for me!"                            
Bill K., Corte Madera, CA

 “Wendy is one of the most positive, inspirational people I know. She lives life joyfully and passionately, and is dedicated to helping others do
the same.” 
Maya D., Sausalito, CA

"After attending Wendy's Introductory Evening, I asked myself if I was really serious about creating the relationship of my dreams.  I knew this was my chance.  Six months after I took her course, I started dating the man I later married.  The workshop helped me find out what I really wanted so I could be the chooser instead of the chosen.  Wendy gave me new tools which kept me from making the same mistakes.  One of my tools was a hand made collage of my future life and relationship.  I still have it on the wall and it inspires me to this day.  Don't miss this opportunity." 
Denni S., San Rafael, CA

“Working with Dr. Wendy has been an extremely rewarding experience for me.  I was struggling with very debilitating grief and depression over the loss of my parents and was completely stuck in a state of despair.  Her unshakable positive attitude and wise advice has helped me recover to a very high degree.  She is a remarkably effective coach and friend who always seems to be able to assess her client's needs accurately and is able to give them insightful and effective guidance.  The best part about her is that she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk.  Her own empowered and positive nature comes through in her work and she is able to coach her clients to employ these techniques in order to achieve the success that they want, in whatever area of life they are being challenged with.  My decision to work with her was one of the best choices that I've ever made and I highly encourage anyone who is struggling to find their path to success to give her a call.”  
Scott L. Coventry, CT

"Wendy, in a supportive, gentle, easy way creates forward movement in my life. Big changes occur in a way that's easy to receive them, so they are not disruptive; rather they are enhancing!

     Wendy has a new and different perspective to meeting challenges of personal growth and relationships that really works for me. It's a pleasure knowing her and working with her! I was so resistant in the beginning and I quickly opened with her strong acceptance and the exercises she used, which really broke through my 
resistance. My life is really coming together. I'm being outrageous! Now, I'm having an authentic relationship unlike relationships I've had in the past. I'm more comfortable with myself and having a lot more fun!"                  
Merry B., Saratoga, FL

“The True Love Path: Relationship Course for Singles and Wendy's coaching WORK!!!! It's one thing to know that I want to be in a relationship. It's another thing to know how to make it come true. Wendy gives you all the tools to make your love quest a success!

     Wendy is wonderful in helping you explore, define, and focus your vision. She and the course are inspiring. I have learned to focus on my relationship vision and goals, to clarify my skills, needs, wants and values to attract and choose the right relationship for me. Wendy is the greatest inspiration and support towards manifesting my dream!"  
Holly C., Redwood City, CA

“Wendy’s great: a compassionate listener and clear communicator.”
 Joan P., Sausalito, CA

"When I started working with Wendy, I was doubtful about ever having the kind of intimate relationship I really wanted. After some coaching, exercises, and introspection, I felt much more confident about creating a loving relationship with a compatible partner.

     A couple months after starting coaching with Wendy, I reconnected with a wonderful woman from my past, who I hadn't seen in fourteen years! This time, I realized that she shares my values and goals, and I believed that we could have a completely fulfilling relationship. Now, she is my life partner, and we have been together for several years. We continue to deepen our bond and have found Wendy’s coaching to be very helpful.  With our consciousness, tools, love and commitment, we are able to meet challenges when they arise." 
Howard S., Novato, CA

“Working with Wendy got the ball rolling for changes in my life. At the beginning of our sessions, I told her the issues I wanted to work on. She introduced me to techniques and tools that helped me to do just what was needed. The sessions were uplifting and helped me see my situations more clearly. At the end of our time together, I felt I could keep moving forward on my own and I have. I am very grateful. Thank you."  
Margo M., Albany, New York

“I have left some of my old beliefs and realize that what I want is achievable.  I have gone to another level.”  Deborah F., Mill Valley, CA

“I feel equipped to be successful.  Not only having a game plan but the ability to remove some of the barriers I had (unknowingly) put up in the past.”  
Dan K., San Francisco, CA

“After working with Wendy, I am now more centered and grounded, and ready for a real relationship.  The work we did together was very helpful to clarify what was important to me.”  
Rosanne A., San Anselmo, CA

"I think you are a talented coach and know the right questions to ask. This class, and coaching made me realize that relationship can be approached coherently with a plan. I am telling my friends about it."
Miki L., Mill Valley, CA

“In your weekend workshop, I created my own reality, in the moment, consciously.  I was authentic.  I took stock of my most important goals, brought attention to them and can’t ignore them anymore.   I had fun, made new friends, and grew exponentially in spirit.”  
David D., Mill Valley, CA

“Your course for singles has been great!!!  It provided me exactly what I wanted!  I got clarity about my vision, my life, my requirements, needs, wants, deal breakers to create my relationship plan, to transform certain of my disempowering beliefs, to believe that meeting the man of my dreams is possible.  It (this class and coaching) will move you to a different level of awareness about your life and you will get much more clear about how to attract the man of your dreams  - that meets 100% of your requirements.” 
Yana L., Berkley, CA

“Wendy knows how to bring out the best in me. With her guidance,  I was able to change my life.  I’ve gone from feeling fearful to  feeling loved.”   
Susan E., Sausalito, CA

“Wendy Lyon is a skilled facilitator, leading processes that align the mind, body and spirit, greatly benefiting one's business and personal life.  She truly helps clients tap into their highest potential.
I participated in a retreat Wendy facilitated in Costa Rica. I feel changed by the experience that our group shared in the Costa Rican jungle-- the yoga in the rainforest, hiking to remote waterfalls, and sharing of our innermost feelings.

     I highly recommend working with Wendy to achieve your goals, and have a lot of fun in the process!” 
Penny V., Tiburon, CA

"My goal for the singles course was to get to know myself and what I wanted out of a relationship.  I found coaching with Wendy very helpful. She helped me identify old beliefs and replace them with something new. After taking this class, I have a clear vision of what I want and understand what has stopped me from getting there." 
Elaine H., San Francisco, CA

“This class was well worth it.  It was fun and entertaining, provided guidance, counseling and direction.  I feel as if I’m a better person.”  
Doug S., Redwood City, CA

“I am clear now on what I want in a relationship and am able to see where I 
made mistakes in the past. The class and coaching with Wendy helped me define who I am, my goals for a relationship and the "pitfalls" I fell into in the past that caused a lot of unsuccessful relationships. I would encourage others to take this class and get coaching because "training" is really an important part of 
knowing success in an area of your life." 
Dori S.,  Larkspur, CA

"Wendy is a light and a Love who is committed to helping men and women find the partner of their dreams. I just completed the course and learned A LOT about how I am in relationship and what I truly require in my next one. There is so much material to dive into and Wendy presents it in a fun and lighthearted way. The  course yielded more than just a plan; I made some great new friends as well. Now that I have new tools and more knowledge about creating and manifesting a relationship of my vision, I can set out step by step, and explore. Now I can be the chooser/manifester…Sure you can read about how to do all this in great manuals, but to have a core group of support and comrades on the same journey is more than helpful; it’s essential! And Wendy creates the space for this to occur. “  
Mary C., Mill Valley, CA

“This is a great inside-out approach to understanding yourself and others.  I aligned my values and goals, dealt with negative thoughts and visualized my future self.” 
Kevin C., Corte Madera, CA

“This is a great course that causes awareness of self and puts action steps on paper.  I have had breakthroughs.  I got clear on what my vision, purpose and mission is.  I identified chronic beliefs that kept me stuck.” 
Joanne F., San  Francisco, CA

“This class helps you focus in on what you really want and who you are.  It made me more clear on what I want.  It’s ok to ask questions and to qualify perspective mates and to feel comfortable doing so.  I am now able to keep myself more positive in my search.” 
Roberta C., San Francisco, CA

“This class will help you to clarify your vision for your life and explore and solidify what is most important to find in your life partner.”  
Linda G., Oakland, CA

"I wanted more growth and more insight on relationships. This class and coaching with Wendy helped me accomplish my goal. The amount of reflection and thought given to these concepts will continue to help me progress towards my goals. I learned new concepts about finding a mate by discovering more 
about myself." 
Jeff L., San Rafael, CA

“This course definitely helped me to get a vision of what I want in a lifetime partner – and to know the difference between recreational dating and dating to find a life partner – who knew?  Now, I’ve clarified my requirements in a partner – and I know how to get there.”  
Joyce M., Tiburon, CA

“In your workshop, I identified a transparent belief I had about marriage – ‘My life is (eventually) going to be hell when I get married and have children. This belief was hidden from my view until I did this workshop’.  I substituted with the belief that ‘Life with the right man for me is heaven’…I’ve substituted ‘Eventually I’ll get married’ with ‘I’ll get married and have children within the next two years.”  I acquired the tools to analyze my beliefs that allow me to consciously choose beliefs that would support me in creating the life of my dreams.” 
Yana L. Berkeley, CA

"It was fun and enlightening! I came in expecting self-exploration and that's what I got. I learned about what I require in a relationship, and believe this program is good for gaining insight." 
Scott A., San Francisco, CA

“Sometimes all those letters behind someone's name are intimidating. I found Wendy to be welcoming, comfortable to be with, and I felt like I didn't need to meet any expectations. I was free to be myself.

     Wendy's friendly persistence has inspired me. And my learning has been ongoing since completing the course. I can relate back to the course and apply the concepts to my life by examining my experiences and my beliefs. Now, I'm making more deliberate choices that are right for me.

I spent 74 years concerned about what other people think, and now I realize that what I think is more important than what anyone else thinks! I've learned that our lives are our own and I can be responsible for my own life. Now, I can affirm myself and not be dependent on others for affirmation. This gives me the freedom to be myself.

     I've learned to live in the moment and appreciate the moments. I don't have to delay happiness for some future time. Why not be happy right this minute?! Problems come up, but now I can choose to change my mind about what I'm thinking. I can think about things in different ways. There's always an 
alternative path. I can choose my path."  
Marie W., Bangor, CA

“In the weekend workshop you led, I explored my innermost dreams, desires and hopes and journeyed into the depths, peeling back the layers of my beliefs like an onion.  I got to the core of who I am with honesty and feel empowered to take action to reach my goals.  I gave myself permission to get a divorce if the spouse does not go into recovery for his drinking.  I am moving forward in life. YES!”  
Stephanie G., Petaluma, CA

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