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• Marcie Cook
An Exciting New Book - Insightful, Funny, Courageous - Marcie Cook, found peace and contentment drifting over the Texas countryside in a hot air balloon.  She also learned the lesson of a lifetime.  One that we all can benefit from greatly.

• Mary Verdick - Adventure/Romance Novels
Author - Romance Novels:  Ex-teacher, editor, author of many children's books and several adult novels."   Mary’s books “Indian Time,” “Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By,” and her latest “Maybe This Time” are available for order at thousands of bookstores worldwide.


• 1st Bio Wash
BioWash is NOT a fertilizer… Total phosphorous is only .1%.  (Note the decimal point… one tenth of one per cent!). Nitrogen is only .03%.  Or, three one hundredth of one percent! Potassium is only .003%. Or, three one thousandth of one percent!

• Asset Management & Protection Systems

• Best Life International
http://www.MAXelence.com - NEW Energy Drink
Best Life Int:  Sammi's Best -- All our Soy milk products are Hexane Free, Gluten Free, Casein Free and Non-GMO certified. Great news for your body.  Loaded with healthy soy protein, antioxidants,  essential vitamins and minerals...
MAXelence - Sports Energy Drink:  A sports/energy drink that incorporates vitamins, minerals, is sugar free, and has the ability to help the body recover by supporting ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production. MAXelenceTM is far superior to other sports/energy drinks on the market for renewed energy, stamina, muscle recovery, fiber, mineral and vitamin supplementation – entirely without caffeine or sugar.

• Blinkies
Flashing Blinkie (LED) Lights - For Fun - Parties - Special Events.

• Ethos Environmental NW
Revolutionary product that reformulates gas and diesel fuel and is Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous. Ethos FR is unique in that it is used to treat both the fuel and the oil.  Improven to increase fuel economy by as much as 19%. Extensive Commercial Fleet testing has shown that emissions may be reduced by as much as 50%! Less emissions means you're burning more of the fuel and that saves you money!!

• Johann Paul Jewelers
Renaissance craftsmanship in both classic and contemporary design create the unique style that is Johann Paul Jewelers. We invite you to make an appointment to view our exclusive display of gold rings and pendants. We specialize in custom designs and would enjoy working with you to create a very special piece of your own.

• LCR EcoMiracle
Environmentally Friendly Commercial & Residential Cleaning Products -- Farm / Ranch & Agricultural Solutions. Concentrated - Multi-Use Natural Soap -- THE All-Purpose, Non-toxic, Biodegradable Soap, Green Cleaner, Degreaser.  This is a Scientific breakthrough known as "colloidal micelle technology" or CMT. No matter what kind of cleaning job you're up against, this all-purpose soap is the answer.

• Rieker's Gourmet Blends
Experience Spice Blends with a distinctive texture and flavor. The secret is in the special milling & blending process . You’ll find quality rubs, gravies, sauces and seasonings for a variety of foods. Specialty spices for Beef, Poultry, Pork, Seafood, Vegetables and even Wild Game. We invite you to try Rieker's Bold and Spicy Blends in your signature dishes, for gourmet dining your family will rave over.  All of our blends are free from MSG.

• Zodiak Cupcakes


• Aqua Minerals PLUS
Adya Inc. is a Company dedicated to providing you with the best ionic minerals nature has to offer. Our minerals have a powerful energy that not only destroys bad bacteria and removes chlorine, but also electrically energizes water which in turn energizes your body.

• Dr. ZeoLite Detox
Natural Cellular Defense™ is documented to remove heavy metals, toxins, and other harmful things that don't belong in the body. Supports a healthy immune system. Helps balance pH levels in the body 100% natural and non-toxic. Safe for long-term use (no side effects).  Business opportunity available.

• Inner Fitness Spa
Introducing Donna Hale, M.A. Director and Founder of Inside/Out Retreats, and InnerFitness Center & Spa for Wellness & Peak Performance

• Larson Century Ranch
Country Store - Health & Nutrition Resource:  American Native Salve, Browns Foot Bath & Duster, Fucoidan/Modifilan, Fuel Reformulator, Gano Coffee, Limu Plus, Liquid Oxygen, Organic Cleaners, Scours Animal Relief, Stem Cells, Travel, Unpetroleum Jelly, Agriculture.

• LCR Fucoidan - Modifilan
Research has shown that when fucoidan was administered to cancer cells they dissipated within 72 hours. This process is known as apophasis; the destruction of cells from within due to activation by the digestive enzymes contained in the cells themselves. Currently, efforts are under way to find the consensus concerning the precise nature of fucoidan. Interestingly, Okinawa, Japan has the lowest cancer mortality rate in Japan where kombu is predominantly consumed.

• LCR Gano Coffee
Gourmet - Experience The Flavor! Enjoy A "Healthy" Cup -- SPECIALTY COFFEE, TEA, HOT CHOCOLATE -- Blended with Ganoderma Lucidum - Herb From The Orient. Very Low Caffeine - Regular coffee has 135 mg of caffeine. Tea has approximately 50 mg of caffeine. A Diet Coke has 46 mg of caffeine. One ounce of dark chocolate has 22 mg of caffeine. Gano Cafe has just a miniscule amount of caffeine and tastes GREAT!  Business opportunity available.

• My EZ Fast Money
Step Up Your Velocity - Earn Easy Money - Downline Builder -
This  NEW business is so much CHEAPER, pays a lot more MONEY, and is so much easier to make MONEY with than anything you've probably seen before  . . . It's simple, affordable, and offers a unique product so different from any other company around; don't worry, this won't compete with whatever you're currently involved with as a money-making opportunity.  In fact, many have added this opportunity to their current business portfolio.


• Cove Community Emergency Response Team (CCERT)
Cove Apartments - 50 Barbaree Way, Tiburon, CA 94920
Get Ready Information, Community Bulletin Board

• Ladies Out To Lunch
San Francisco, Bay Area Women's Social Club - Sigma Cumma Cumma Kappa.

• Mount Baker High School Alumni
Mount Baker (60's, 51+) Alumni Association.

• Networking Entrepreneurial Women of Marin
Step out and broaden your experience exploring a new and exhilarating women's business /women's network with the goal of opening doors for women coming together to achieve professional success


• As You Like It!  Wine Country Tours
Enjoy!  Imbibe!  Relax! ... in the comfort of your chauffeured luxury vehicle with Paula Caddy’s witty, knowledgeable, one-of-a-kind “As You Like It! Wine Country Tours.”  Personalized, intimate wine country knowledge to make your special day memories last a lifetime with a noted Bay Area guidebook author.

• Birch Bay Waterslides

• Butterflies Through Children's Eyes
Developing Butterfly gardens is the only known way to restore butterflies to our communities.  My platform for sharing this wonderful and miraculous butterfly metamorphosis includes a hands-on outdoor classroom/lab that inspires teachers and children alike to share in this natural wonder and preservation platform.

• Design Carte
Web Design, Production, Maintenance, Training

• Golden Gate Events
Each and every event Golden Gate Events produces is a special event! We believe your event is the most important one on our schedule.  And we pledge to bring all our talents, creativity and commitment to making a truly amazing event, and making sure everyone attending feels like a "Very Important Individual!! To the table we bring our contracting, managing and marketing experience, and we take on the task of acting as a liaison between you and the vendors and suppliers needed to stage your event.

• Gosselin Consultants
If you want to be better informed, make better financial decisions, and spend more time on your business, not on your books, I am the SOLUTION!  With extensive training in Business, Accounting and Computer Systems, and experience practicing as Chartered Accountant (CPA in US), working for IBM and others, I am uniquely qualified to develop and install a system tailored to your needs.  My services include installation, conversion, training and on-going support.  I will integrate your records into your new system.  Bookkeeping training is available, or I can provide this service.

• Hair By Maha
Are you looking for the right salon and Hair Stylist in Marin? Are you looking for that subtle new look that compliments your own personal style, or do you want to make it so that people will stand up and take notice of the brand new you? Either way, you can trust my five years of experience and Vidal Sasoon training to help you choose just the right style so you can walk out feeling like a brand new person!

• InJoy Life - My True Love Path
Greetings, from Dr. Wendy Lyon -- here to help you transform your life, and create the loving, lasting partnership you desire.  Are you single and wish you weren’t? Has dating become frustrating? Have your romantic relationships been disappointing? Do you long for lasting love with a compatible partner? Do you wish there was a clear path that could lead you to a life you love … with the love of your life?

• Marin & Sonoma County Taxis
Our Marin-Sonoma Taxi Cab Company has been serving the Northern Bay Area community for over 56 years. Everything associated with us commands a higher degree of expectation. Here at the MS Taxi Cab Company, we take pride in serving our communities, and most assuredly our cab drivers take pride in serving our customers with courtesy, efficiency, and high professional standards. Our drivers are fully trained and our vehicles maintained according to strict regulatory mandate for cabs in California.

• MayDayss
The premier nursing company that brings a unique personal touch to healthcare. We are a health care service company that provides comprehensive health care solutions in education, training and staff augmentation.

• Melissa Galliani

• MLM Watchdog - Rod Cook (Editor)
MLM Watchdog™ | Newsletter & Magazine | NetWork Marketing | 

• Patty Lent For Bremerton [Mayor]
Bremerton - An enviable place to live, work, and play.  Friendly people, affordable housing, award-winning schools, resident activism, and innovative leadership.  Bremerton is a great city and as your mayor I plan on working to make it even better!

• Town Car Dave's Limo Service
Serving Marin County, San Francisco Bay Area - We use 21st Century luxury coaches with all the modern electronics to keep us updated with the airlines' arrival and departure times road traffic and conditions.   Our aim is a safe, smooth ride with very low coach noise.  Tel:  415-971-0421

• Victory Medical Solutions
NURSE OWNED & OPERATED -- Our goal is simple: to help bring nurses and healthcare employers together.  The premier nursing company that brings a unique personal touch to healthcare. We are a health care service company that provides comprehensive health care solutions in education, training and staff augmentation.

• William R. Lasher, PhD, CPA
Attorney At Law
Divorce Mediation - Holden & Worcester Massachusetts

• Woody's Restoration Services (Fire & Water)
24/Hour Emergency Services - Woody’s Restoration Services Inc., has been serving Marin County since 2005. Prior to that, owner William “Woody” Von Lackum owned a Purofirst Disaster Services franchise from 1991 to 2005. He earned his general contractor’s license (#579698) in 1978 and has thirty years of hands-on experience in construction and repair work. He and his dedicated team of long-term employees help homeowners put their homes – and their lives – back in order after tragedy strikes.

• Your Earth Angels
Doing it all yourself - all the time? Get the Capable Help You Need! Your Earth Angels: Your efficient Personal Assistants. Liberating you from details, allowing you the freedom to tend to the things that most interest you - having a personal assistant or household manager may be what you need to keep your busy life from becoming unmanageably demanding.


• Aloha Hawaii VCR
Hawaii Vacation Condo Rentals:  Golf Course condominiums on the sunny gold coast.  Only Minutes from world class resorts, beaches and golf courses.  Waikoloa Village - Rentals - Big Island, Hawaii. These condo units sit on the luxurious grounds of the "Waikoloa Village's" Robert Trent Jones- Jr. designed course.

• Herrera Properties
Vacation & Commercial Properties -- The Keystone Lake House
Vacation:  6055 E. Highway 20, Lucerne CA 95458  --  A vacation home right on the shores of Clear Lake in the town of Lucerne, the "Switzerland of America". Beautifully built custom home with security gate.  Relax in the oversized suites each with their own bath. 5 have Jacuzzi's and the 6th has an oversize shower with Spa Body Sprays. Enjoy our new swim/boat dock for your swimming and boating pleasures.

• FOR SALE - Waterfront
Foreclosure - 13690 Waterfront Drive Pineland, FL 33945


GrandView Steakhouse & Lounge, Beulah, ND
GrandView Steakhouse & Lounge is a fine eatery, bar and lounge that exudes a friendly, elegant, and inviting atmosphere. We serve dinner, and have facilities for banquets, special events, private parties, and wedding receptions.

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