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  • Are you single and wish you weren’t?

  • Has dating become frustrating?

  • Have your romantic relationships been disappointing?

  • Do you long for lasting love with a compatible partner?

  • Do you wish there was a clear path that could lead you to a life you love … with the love of your life?

Greetings, I’m Dr. Wendy Lyon and I’m here to help you transform your life, and create the loving, lasting partnership you desire. 

Like many people, you may hope that the relationship of your dreams will just happen magically … and perhaps you believe there’s nothing you can do to help make your dreams of love come true.  Actually, there’s a great deal you can learn and do right now that will propel your relationship dreams into reality! 
Wendy Lyon, Ph.D., Psychology
Master Certified Relationship & Life Coach
Workshop, Course and Retreat Facilitator

 Conscious Dating: Finding 
 Your Happily Ever After
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Your life can be different!
Dating can go from a drag to a delight.  

Relationships can shift from hard to harmonious.  

Your life can become more joyful, meaningful and fulfilling.  
“Dr Wendy is both pragmatic and visionary. She takes you where you are at and brings you where you want to be: with yourself and in partnership. I found the love of my life, now my husband, while working with her as my relationship coach.”     
Linda M, PsyD, Mill Valley, CA
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What do you need to be ready for your true love?  Take the True Love Test now to find out!  Plus, learn the Ten Steps to Relationship Success in a radio interview with Dr. Wendy, and receive a FREE Newsletter with helpful advice you can use today to create a life you love, and bring love into your life!  [Here]

Have you ever wanted to improve in anything - perhaps your career, a sport or a musical instrument?  What if you just hoped you’d get better but did nothing about it? 

What results would you expect?  

What happens when you study, practice and get support?  

When you are clear about what you want, believe you can have it, and get the education and support you need, possibilities are infinite!

This is especially true with love and relationships.
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Dr Wendy Lyon-Author-Conscious Dating-Master Relationship Coach - For the Life That You Love With the Love Of Your Life
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You’ve come to the right place.  
Welcome to your true love path!
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As a psychologist, relationship and life coach, I am dedicated to helping people transform their lives and create loving relationships.  Since 1999, hundreds of singles and couples have benefited from working with me, and in the process have shifted from doubtful to hopeful, from confused to clear and from lonely to loving. 
My True Love Path
Wendy Lyon Ph.D., Psychology
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