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Welcome and congratulations for taking the first step toward transforming your life and creating the loving relationship you desire!  

You deserve to have the love you long for, and I am committed to helping you have it.  Over the past decade, I have inspired hundreds of people to create more loving, joyful and meaningful lives.  My clients learn how to overcome fears and doubts, feel more confident, and attract loving partnerships. 
Wendy Lyon, Ph.D., Psychology
Master Certified Relationship & Life Coach
Workshop, Course and Retreat Facilitator
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Dr Wendy Lyon-Author-Conscious Dating-Master Relationship Coach - For the Life That You Love With the Love Of Your Life
Relationship Coaching 
and Life Coaching 
for Individuals and Couples

Are you single and longing for a deep, intimate connection with a compatible partner?

Are you dating and aren’t sure if this is “the one”?

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or discouraged?

What if you could be living a life you absolutely love, with the love of your life?
If we choose to work together, I will guide you on a journey of exploration and discovery.  We will uncover any blocks to love, and eliminate limiting beliefs, doubts or fears in your way.  You will receive effective tools to shift any impeding beliefs to empowering beliefs that support you on your path to true love and personal fulfillment. This process will change your life for the better forever!
You will learn how to clarify your vision for the future, so that it reflects your highest values, and you will identify the criteria that are essential for your ideal relationship.  You’ll create an effective plan that allows you to become the self you want to be, and attract a partner who is a true match for you.   As you apply your plan, you’ll become more discerning and able to attract the love of your life, while living the life that you love!
I primarily work with singles, and I am available to work with couples, especially new or pre-committed couples who are uncertain about the future of their relationship.  Do you want to find out if this is really “the one” for you?
Coaching is available both in person and over the telephone for individuals, couples and groups.  Interactive presentations, workshops and retreats are  sometimes offered in person in the San Francisco Bay area and by teleconference (available worldwide).  Contact Dr. Wendy for upcoming course and workshop schedules (DrWendy@MyTrueLovePath.com or 415-342-1300

Complimentary True Love Path consultations are available for a limited time.  To schedule yours, call (415) 342-1300 or email DrWendy@MyTrueLovePath.com

More questons?  See FAQ – An Interview with Dr. Wendy.

DR. WENDY IS AVAILABLE for media interviews, speaking engagements, custom designed workshops, teleclasses and retreats. 

Take the True Love Test today and find out what you need to have true love!

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What do I really need to have true love in my life?  Take the True Love Test now and find out.

What are the Ten Steps to Relationship Success?  Find out what they are and how to apply them in this free audio program with Dr. Wendy.

Can you help me now?  Yes – contact Dr. Wendy with your most burning question, and she’ll do her best to reply as soon as possible.

How can I sample your coaching? Complimentary True Love Path consultations are available for a limited time.  To schedule yours, call (415) 342-1300 or email

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"Wendy knows how to bring out the best in me. With her guidance, I was able to change my life. I’ve gone from feeling fearful to feeling loved."
Susan E., Sausalito, CA
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Would you like to have the life and love you desire?
Attract the love of your life while living the life that you love!
“Dr. Wendy coached me in writing and visioning all of the qualities and values that I wanted to BE and that I wanted to CHOOSE in a partner. And he came! She is both flexible and accountable, professional, warm, shares her experience, strength, and hope and supports yours. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to both be and find the love of their life.”  
Linda M., Mill Valley, CA
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"A couple months after starting coaching with Wendy, I felt much more confident about creating a loving relationship with a compatible partner. I reconnected with a wonderful woman from my past, who I hadn't seen in fourteen years! This time, I realized that she shares my values and goals, and I believed that we could have a completely fulfilling relationship. She is now my life partner.  We continue to deepen our bond, and have found Wendy's coaching to be very helpful. With our consciousness, tools, love and commitment, we are able to meet challenges when they arise."  
Howard S., Novato, CA

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Do you have a burning question about dating or relating?

Ask your question now, and Dr. Wendy will do her best to reply as soon as possible. 
Book:  Roadmap to Success by Dr. Wendy Lyon
My True Love Path
Wendy Lyon Ph.D., Psychology
Telephone:  415-342-1300 -- E-Mail: DrWendy@MyTrueLovePath.com

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