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My True Love Path BLOG

How to Live Happily Ever After

by Dr Wendy Lyon on 02/06/14


Enjoy my new video - No more kissing frogs!

7 Love Blockers That Are Keeping You Single and Sad

by Dr Wendy Lyon on 02/06/14

7 Love Blockers That Are Keeping You Single & Sad


Are These 7 Thought Patterns Keeping You From Finding Love?
Hey! Quit running from the real thing!
Sick of being single? The problem might be — gulp — you!

If you've been searching for "the one" but haven't had any luck, ask yourself this important question: Are love-blocking beliefs stopping you from love?

Are you carrying around fear-based beliefs from your childhood or early relationship experiences? Sometimes, these issues are so deeply embedded in us, we're not even aware that these love blockers are lurking in our subconscious. The first step to moving past these old, limiting viewpoints is to recognize that they are there. So take a deep breath, and notice if any of these common love-blocking beliefs sound familiar to you.  

See full article at

My son turned 3 and it's time to get blogging

by Dr Wendy Lyon on 02/06/14

I've been very busy taking care of my little boy and working part time.  Now I'm making more time for writing so stay tuned for articles.

Signed copies will be available soon

by Dr Wendy Lyon on 12/30/10

Roadmap to Success will be out in early 2011 and you will have an opportunity to pre-order your signed copy soon.  This inspirational book includes a compilation of chapters from several authors including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Ken Blanchard and Dr. Wendy Lyon.  I'll be glad to reserve your copy of Roadmap to Success: America's Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Life Strategies.  This will be a great resource to help you have a successful 2011!

Just saw Deepak Chopra - What an inspiration!

by Dr Wendy Lyon on 10/06/10

Steve and I were at the Marin Center Monday night and we were so inspired by Deepak Chopra's brilliant presentation.  Deepak is amazing, and I had a chance to meet with him briefly afterwards.  I'm really looking forward to the forthcoming book I'm writing with him and others.  It's called Roadmap to Success and my chapter is Roadmap to Relationship Success.  Stay tuned! 

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