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Dr. Wendy Lyon is a psychologist, master certified relationship and life coach, workshop facilitator, speaker, and author.  As a relationship expert, Dr. Wendy has been interviewed for newspapers, magazines, radio and television.  Her Roadmap to Relationship Success in the book Roadmap to Success, is essential for anyone who is single or in a relationship that’s not working. 
Wendy Lyon, Ph.D., Psychology
Master Certified Relationship & Life Coach
Workshop, Course and Retreat Facilitator

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Her credentials include a doctorate in Psychology from the University of California, and many years as a college psychology professor when she was Dr. Wendy Slotton.  

She has extensive and comprehensive training with the Relationship Coaching Institute, the Coaches Training Institute, and the Career Crafting Program.  She is also a licensed facilitator of the international self-development seminar, The Avatar Course, which she taught for over a decade.  Dr. Wendy integrates the research and wisdom of these systems into a unique approach that invigorates and transforms lives.
Committed to helping her clients create lives they love, with love in their lives, Dr. Wendy provides tools that allow you to replace limitations with joy, fulfillment and empowerment!   
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A world traveler, Dr. Wendy has visited over thirty countries and led educational expeditions around the globe.  She enjoys wilderness hiking and backpacking, and sometimes combines walking and coaching for those clients who want a fresh perspective! 

Following her own "true love path" led Wendy to her delightful husband Steve, whom she married in 2005. Their adorable son, Matthew, was born in 2011. She is eager to share her formula for how to create the life and relationship of your dreams!    
Wendy and Steve Lyon
Dr Wendy Lyon-Author-Conscious Dating-Master Relationship Coach - For the Life That You Love With the Love Of Your Life
Wendy & Steve Lyon
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“Dr. Wendy is amazing!   She is the only one I know who really helps people make their dreams come true!”
Karen R., Mill Valley, CA
“Wendy is one of the most positive, inspirational people I know. She lives life joyfully and passionately, and is dedicated to helping others do the same.” 
Maya D., Sausalito, CA
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Through her coaching and courses, Dr. Wendy has helped hundreds of people to transform their lives and create loving relationships, replacing their fears with clarity, confidence, joy and love.  She is dedicated to guiding singles and couples every step of the way on their path to true love.
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Wendy Lyon Ph.D., Psychology
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